Tonya Reed, Ph.D.

Employing various results from Consciousness Research Tonya supports client empowerment. She helps people thrive creatively, and to perform optimally in all areas of life, including, health, wealth, relationships, and spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

A native of Los Angeles, California, Tonya Reed is a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) in Transpersonal Counseling. She also holds Master of Science, Applied Psychophysiology (Mind-Body Medicine), and Master of Metaphysical Science degrees, in addition to Neuroscience and End-of-Life Support Certifications, and Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees.

She is also the founder of Goldie Love Scientific Healing and Healing Sciences which provides Therapeutic, Spiritual, and Neuroscientific Consultations and Coaching to enhance your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being!

Raised in a family of Ministers and Gospel Singers, she was classically trained in Opera Vocal Performance (Master of Science) and was an active singer and musical theater/commercial actress in Hollywood, California, and abroad for several years.

She grew up Protestant, and in 2017 was confirmed a Catholic Christian in Santa Monica, California. She soon became a Parish Cantor, Certified by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. An Ordained Interfaith Minister who is knowledgeable in various spiritual paths, and whose path in Consciousness Studies was inspired under the tutelage of Dr. Joe Dispenza and other Neuroscience pioneers and Transpersonal Psychology Influencers, Tonya’s life is now dedicated to Mind-Body Medicine, Consciousness Research, and the End-of-Life Midwife path.

Her early years of metaphysical training transpired in Santa Monica, California with Michael Bernard Beckwith. LaTonya Reed can be heard as a main soloist on early recordings and performances of T.A.G. (The Agape Group) and The Agape International Choir, specifically, “I Walk in the Love of God.”

Tonya Reed


  • Scientific and Medical Network, London, UK
  • Planetary Society
  • Association for Death Education and Counseling (The Thanotology Association)
  • OptiMind NeuroCoaching and NeuroLeadership Institute, Lifelong Member
  • Hollywood Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA).

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