I discovered Tonya when I was in a particularly stuck time in my life. Life had been overwhelming for years, and I found my passion for singing dwindled and the strong feeling I once had about my purpose dowsed. I am so grateful for the neuroscience technology that Tonya teaches. It is deceptively simple and extremely effective. It has literally changed my access to life. I am more present, more aware, more willing, more available, more joyful, more surrendered, and finally singing again. I have even used it to minimize and often erase pain… I can’t recommend the technology enough, and Tonya Reed is a compassionate giving, available and supportive teacher.

M. Michaell

Hollywood, CA - USA

The Neuroscience technology that Dr. Tonya teaches provides a fulfilling and uplifting experience for me. The practices open my mind in ways I could barely imagine. It has made a HUGE difference in my life by helping me know that everyone and everything is interconnected. The practices Tonya shares always bring me to right here right now; it allows me to stay present. The changes I’ve noticed in myself include that I stay calm in situations that may have gotten the better of me, and I see myself, my family and everyone being hugged by unconditional love.

Y. Bryant

Richmond, VA-USA

Consulting with Dr. Tonya has been one of the best decisions of my life. I’ve known her for years, and I have consulted with her on several beneficial occasions. She is a knowledgeable, wise, caring, and compassionate healer of mind, body, and spirit. The wisdom she possesses and the tools she utilizes are subtle, so some people dismiss (miss) them, or discount them as non-existent. Dr. Tonya is one real gift.
Joy Davies

London, UK

I wanted REAL change. Consulting with Dr. Tonya was intimidating at first: Many people are very distracted by the pressures of life and are not disciplined enough to do the work. However, I was READY. And the joy, peace, and grace in my life that have resulted are almost impossible to put into words. All I can do is express gratitude and give thanks.
Di Bella

Venice, Italy

She cannot place a high enough price on the value and worth she brings to the world and to those who are fortunate enough to become her clients and/or research study participants.
Anonymous Research Participant

Vancouver, Canada

Speaking and Coaching

Tonya Reed is a NeuroScience Coach, certified by both the Princeton Biofeedback Institute and OptiMind Institute with specializations in NeuroRelationships, NeuroHealth, and NeuroSpirituality.

She offers her services in corporate or private events or one-on-one sessions.

Please read a description of Neuroscience and the services she offers in relationships, health and nutrition and spirituality.

If you are experiencing stagnation in the areas of relationships, health and nutrition and spirituality, Tonya is certified to support you in experiencing breath-throughs. Using Neuroscientific strategies that, unfortunately are not often employed by everyday people. Tonya supports individuals in next-level experiences regarding their life’s paths and desired outcomes. Schedule an engagement or learn more.