Photo Credit: houcine-ncib Unsplash

Yesterday (Saturday, June 24, 2023), I consulted with a Stylist near the Hollywood Screen Actors’ Guild. She’s great. She works with many performers in Hollywood.

We explored different styles and looks that might best suit me. At one point I recall being struck by a thought: “OMG! I look SO young.”

I do not usually THINK about such things. All my life, I’ve awakened every day, looked in the mirror, and subconsciously acknowledged: “Yeah, that’s me,” and then I kept it moving.

I never THOUGHT to myself: ” I LOOK 20,” or “I look 35” or “I look, or do not look 50.” Until now.

This last birthday? Something about it changed me. I cannot entirely explain it, but I am not the same. I LOOK at things differently.

I also cannot totally explain it, but I believe that the new outlook is for the best.